Gee Bee Grinding.

Company Background

Gee Bee Grinding was established in 1980, primarily as a re-sharpening business.

However, the recessionary climate at the time meant that a number of engineering companies were cutting back on some related services, including grinding; and Gee Bee was able to identify and develop a growing market for grinding and other services in addition to its re-sharpening activities. Gee Bee Grinding has continued to grow by offering a high standard of service. A judicious programme of investment and a readiness to accommodate a wide range of customer needs.The Gee Bee Grinding workshop

Gee Bee Grinding is one of the rare companies whose success has been built from the start on a sound financial footing. "We have always pursued a policy of ploughing a high proportion of our profits straight back into the company," says Mark Bruce. "We have a high ratio of productive to non-productive staff, and our policy of high investment from low base costs has stood us in good stead over the years. The fact that we have never had an overdraft in all our years of of operation has freed us from the tyranny of interest rates and given us the strength to maintain and improve standards without ever endangering the prosperity of our customers or the security of our staff."