Gee Bee Grinding.

We Give You The Edge

Keeping cutters sharp by regular regrinding pays a valuable dividend.

Although it may appear most economical to postpone regrinding until it becomes essential to "grind away some more of the cutter", it has been established by research and experiment as well as by close observation of cutter performance under everyday conditions, that the rate of wear increases sharply as the cutter loses its edge.


Thus a dull cutter which has remained too long without regrinding will require much heavier metal removal to restore the original clearance angles, than one which is subject to a regular light treatment.

Furthermore, a cutter which is not in good condition uses more power and produces and inferior finish. Why not send us your cutters on a regular basis. Your time and money will be repaid in full, in terms of higher efficiency and greater cutter economy as well as superior standards of accuracy and finish. Contact us today for a fast and efficient service.