Gee Bee Grinding.

CNC Cylindrical and Conventional Grinding

At Gee Bee Grinding we have sought to achieve the perfect and complementary balance between CNC and conventional cylindrical grinding.

Our ANCA CNC has the ability to grind simple components and the most complex forms. Quick and simple set up with minimal operator intervention creates important cost savings.

Grinding detail

Our CNC capability is supported by extensive conventional capacity. We have two Jones & Shipman 1076 Universal Production grinders. These machines are extremely well equipped and benefit from our willingness to invest in the best possible work holding solutions. We also have a Jones & Shipman 1407 which has extra capacity. All the equipment for these machines is interchangeable giving us unrivalled flexibility in tackling anything from a "between centres" job to a complicated out of round form. All our Jones & Shipman machines are universal which is a great advantage in allowing flexibility in planning work and avoiding any potential bottlenecks.

Our largest capacity machine is the Landis Lund Cylindrical grinder fitted with Marposs in process guaging. Our Churchill internal grinder adds further to our capacity.